4 Important Tips for Choosing a Diet Meal Plan

If youre searching for a diet meal plan that you can live with, follow the four important tips below before heading to the bookstore. A well-written and well-researched book can help you make a lifelong change in your eating habits. And if you choose the right diet plan, you'll enjoy your meals even more than you did before, so you won't even remember that you're "dieting."

Since there are hundreds of diet, weight loss and nutrition books on the shelves at your local bookstore, how do you choose the right one for you?

If you want to make a permanent change in your eating habits, I suggest you make your choice very carefully. This is especially important since many overweight people also have significant health issues that need to be taken into account before making any drastic dietary changes. For that reason, it just makes good sense to discuss any eating plan with your doctor before beginning your program, and then choose a meal plan that is based on solid science.

1. When choosing a diet book, be sure to pick one that is based on real nutritional research. It wont be quite as easy to read as the latest fad, but you should be making plans for long-term health, not just weight loss.

2. If there is a lot of controversy surrounding the diet book, like there was when the Atkins diet was so popular, you would be better off choosing a different book. It may be emotionally exciting to be part of the in crowd that knows the scientists are all conspiring against you, but you could end up damaging your health. On the other hand, dont dismiss well-researched books, like The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, just because you dont see anyone else reading it.

3. Dont choose a diet book that will make you feel punished or deprived. Who need that? Sooner of later youll rebel, anyway, so go ahead and put it back on the shelf and pick another book that is more enticing. You dont need to eat less food to lose weight you just need to eat the right food with more nutrients and fewer calories. A good book will show you which foods you can include in your diet meal plans, and which ones are best to avoid.

4. Choose a plan that fits your own learning style and personality. Some people like to have a full month of specific menus laid out, along with ingredients and recipes. Other people just want the basics, with enough guidelines so they can build a new healthy diet program for themselves. Some folks cant imagine themselves living without meat, while others are on the verge of becoming a vegetarian, and just need a little nudge from the right author. Just make sure you arent trying to shoehorn yourself into a diet plan just because you think you should.

The best diet books dont actually have much to do with dieting. The same nutritious eating plan that helps you lose weight will also improve your immune system, make you feel more energetic and alive, and may even help you manage some chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. In fact, a diet meal plan that helps overweight people slim down can also help underweight people gain a few pounds. Nutritious food is good for you, all the time. A book that talks only about weight loss will be too narrow in scope for a lifetime of healthy eating.

If you can't stick with a diet meal plan, no matter how hard you try, your food cravings may be getting in the way. Be sure to visit Jonni's website at http://www.HowToThinkThin.com and set the stage for a lifetime of good health.

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