A Quick and Easy Low Calorie Diet That Anyone Can Do With A Product Found In Your Pantry!

Here is one of the easiest ways that I have found to lose weight. You do not have to follow a ton of rules, and you do not have to buy a whole lot of groceries either. You may already have the main part of this diet in your pantry! I have done this for 2 weeks and lost 7 lbs without feeling like I was dieting. What is this main food you will be eating? Kelloggs Special K Cereal. Here is the plan:

For breakfast and lunch, eat 1 bowl of Special K Cereal.

For dinner, you eat a well balanced meal with 4 ounces of meat, 2 cups of veggies or a salad (stay away from the fatty dressings), and a small baked potato topped with salsa or any other non or lowfat topping. Have any kind of fruit for desert.

Keep your dinners interesting and keep away from fats. You can have fruit for snacks. I add half of a sliced banana to my cereal for a change. If you are one of those people who dump a lot of sugar on your cereal, substitute the banana for that. You can keep a little diary of what you eat, it will help you keep an eye on your habits. If you work on the computer a lot, just make a diary on word or notepad. Keep a piece of paper on your fridge that you can write on. When you leave it on the fridge, people will see what you have been eating. Now that really motivates me to be a good girl. I also drink a lot of water to cleanse my body.

In two weeks, you will feel great and will most likely have lost up to 7 lbs without starving!

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