Gout Diet

Can diet alone cure gout? It would seem so, since the cause of gout is related to faulty purine metabolism, then it would seem logical that cutting down, or out altogether foods high in purines, gout would be eliminated.

The pain of gout would be enough one would think to give sufferers the impetus to change their diets, however, this does not seem to be the case. The gout diet is not overly abstemious, you can indulge freely in a wide variety of delicious foods.

It's not only what you eat, but how much you eat of what you should not eat. Meat is one of the main offenders, however if we could manage to eat a very small portion once a day of some form of protein, maybe, gout symptoms would never manifest.

Unfortunately most of us over indulge and eat far in excess of our needs, because of this tendency we make ourselves sick. Alcohol, particularly beer is something to avoid if you have gout.

Gout can be triggered by crash dieting, if you are overweight following a healthy gout diet will reduce your weight slowly. The gout diet should consist of a high proportion of organic fruit and vegetables, celery juice is great for helping the body to rid itself of those nasty glass-like shards of urate crystals which lodge in your toe joint, and cause you such intense pain.

A gout diet provides a simple solution to what could be a lifelong health problem. Taking medication to relieve pain and inflammation, does not treat the cause of the problem. The cause of the problem is overindulgence in purine rich foods associated with a predisposition to gout, so palliating the symptoms with pain medication, and anti inflammatory drugs will only add to your health problems, for every drug taken comes with side effects.

The gout diet should consist of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, organic sourdough breads, organic sugarless cereals, ground flaxseed meal, virgin olive oil for your salads, and as much filtered water as you can manage to drink.

Foods you should avoid: fast foods, fried foods, red meat, organ meats, seafood, pizzas, hydrogenated fats such as margarine, diet sodas or sodas of any kind, sugar substitutes, and alcohol, particularly beer.

The gout diet is a simple one which can return you to health in a very short time. Far better to make a couple of changes in your eating habits which will allow you to enjoy a healthy life, rather than to be suffering from gouty arthritis. Cure your gout with a healthy gout diet.

Colleen Redman webmaster and publisher of http://www.goutyjoint.com and http://www.sayno2arthritis.com Both these sites offer tips and treatments for gout and arthritis with alternative medicine.

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