How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat Fast Using A New Type Of Diet

Traditional diets don't work

I bet you've tried every diet there is and nothing works right? But you're still determined to lose weight and you want to lose it fast, right again? You may not have heard about this but there is a new diet plan that can actually trick your body into losing weight and losing it fast.

Your body is designed to prevent weight loss

There are many reasons why you might find it difficult to lose weight and get rid of stomach fat but one of the biggest reasons is that your body is actually designed to stop you losing weight. Not many people know this but if you start to eat less then your body compensates by using fewer calories. Your metabolism slows down to reduce the number of calories that you burn in a day. If you've been wondering why you can't lose weight even when you cut down on your meals then this could be the reason.

Trick your body into losing weight quickly

If you could fool your body into keeping your metabolic rate up and burning the same number of calories even when you eat less then you would lose weight a lot faster than you would by using traditional dieting methods. So how do you do this?

Your body adjusts your metabolic rate to match the calories that you ate over the last few days. It has no idea how much you're going to eat tomorrow or the next day. It also takes into account the types of food or calories that you ate and this is the key to tricking your body into maintaining your fat burning rate.

Changing the types of calories that you eat frequently and changing your diet every day or two can shock your metabolism into a permanently high rate even when you eat fewer calories. Eating less while allowing your body to burn as much fat as it did before will result in you getting rid of your stomach fat fast.

Some foods are more suitable for turning into energy than others so it's important to make sure you're eating the right things. There are some foods that can actually help you to lose weight without reducing the number of calories you eat. There is more information on this in the article Food that helps you to lose weight

Start eating more meals

It sounds strange to be eating more meals when you're trying to lose weight but if you eat lots of small meals instead of just 3 larger meals every day it will help your body to stay in fat burning mode. Be careful not to increase your daily calorie intake and try to eat 6 meals a day. Together with rotating the types of calories that you eat, this is a powerful way to lose weight fast even if you've failed with all the other methods that you've tried.

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