Lose Weight Quickly and Be Healthy With This Diet

Imagine a diet that gives you a wide variety of foods, allows for treats and that will help you live longer, be healthier and happier.

Well, if you want to lose weight and enjoy your food this is the perfect diet.

Lets take a look at it.

Its the Japanese diet, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Japans population has the lowest level of obesity in the industrialized world and the population tends to live to a ripe old age.

The Japanese diet is easy to do.

Dieting should not be a chore. The Japanese diet is natural, balanced and a sensible way to eat that makes eating fun as it should be.

The Japanese diet is low in cholesterol, fat, and calories and high in fiber and here are the reasons it works.

1. Rice

Brown rice is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and it is the basis of the Japanese diet. Rice makes anyone eating it stay full for longer and being a good carbohydrate it keeps energy levels constant throughout the day.

Brown rice is eaten daily by the Japanese and is a fantastic base for the diet.

2. Fish

The Japanese eat up to 80 kegs of fish per year.

Thats four times as much as the average for the rest of the world and the bias toward fish is very similar to the Mediterranean diet another of the worlds best.

Eating fish (particularly oily fish) such as mackerel, sardines and salmon, lowers the risk of disease and increases overall health and provides the good fats our body needs, to function to function at optimum efficiency.

3. Soya

the Japanese eat up to 10 times more Soya produce than any other country.

Low in calories and fat and high in protein Soya is another fantastic base the diet is based upon.

4. Variety

Japanese people eat an average of around 100 different foods a week this is compared to just 30 in other western countries.

To get all the nutrients we need daily we must have plenty of variety and the Japanese diet provides this in abundance.

5. Eat naturally from the earth

The Japanese tend to favor food this is not processed and tend to eat naturally from the earth which means the food has not lost its nutritional value before it is eaten.

There is a tendency to eat food that is "shun" or "now-in-season.

This method of eating provides variety and nutritional content that many diets in the west dont provide.

5. Eating Slowly

Portions tend to be smaller and are carefully eaten slowly which allows the food to be broken down and digested properly and allow the stomach to register that is full.

6. Portion Size

Portions tend to be smaller as well and portion control is essential to natural weight control.

6. Breakfast

Your body has been without food for 8 10 hours and energy needs to be re plenished to stop hunger pangs later in the day.

A typical breakfast would have the following: Rice, miso soup, tofu, onions, omelette and salmon, making a tasty and nutritious start to the day.

7. Cooking to retain goodness

Food is normally steamed, pan-fried, simmered or stir fried.

This means more of the nutrients and anti ageing antioxidants remain in the food.

They dont fry or over cook and this is essential for anyone who wants to get the most from what they eat.

8. Treats

The Japanese diet love chocolate, pastries, ice cream and many more treats and thats how they view them - As treats, not to be consumed all the time, but a few times a week.

The Japanese diet has the following basics which should be the basis of any diet

Low in cholesterol and bad fat

. High in good fats

. High in good carbs

. Cooking methods are light to retain goodness

Well balanced


If you are looking for a diet that will help in healthy weight control and one where eating still remains a joy, look no further than the Japanese diet.


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