Personal Review Of Diet Protein Shakes

I would like to share some information about Kashi protein shakes. After some research and admittedly a short personal test, I found these shakes to be a good addition to most any weight loss program. Currently, you may find many protein powders are designed primarily for bodybuilders. Opposing that view, Kashi designed their protein shakes with weight loss and dieting in mind. Kashi's GoLean program is unique in that aspect because of its propensity to assist and magnify diet plans and weight loss programs.

I found that the GoLean Slimming Plan with protein powders included is as much a weight management program as anything. The ingredients used in the shake powders make it stand out from most others. The Kashi powders are created without the addition of highly refined sugars. A few more positives for the health conscious include the lack of artificial flavors or sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives. Not to mention these shakes are 99 percent fat free.

And yet another plus for weight management programs is the natural high fiber content inherent to these shake powders- both chocolate and vanilla. Its fiber content makes it an excellent addition to a high fiber diet or a low fat diet.

I think it should be mentioned that although this article mainly speaks to the diet and weightloss impact these shakes provide, they can also be used as a food snack. I say that mainly because of their healthy low fat, high fiber content and zero saturated fat and trans fat. Plus it contains a decent amount of daily required vitamins.

Usage is a bit vague, but generally suggested that one drink replacing lunch is common. It is no more costly than any other common protein powder on the market and Kashi products are becoming more and more visible at local grocery stores. That is something that cannot be said about most other protein powder shakes. Mixing a shake can be done as all the others- just pour the powder in to a glass of soy milk, fat free milk or water and stir. If you have ever mixed any other protein drink before, you might have guessed that the kashi drinks also mix better in a blender.

I must acknowledge the manufacturer's warning as follows: If you are nursing, pregnant or think you may be pregnant in the near future, you should speak to a physician prior to consuming this product.

My final conclusion is a thumbs up for the dieters looking to add another supplement to their weight management program. The soy protein base in GoLean Slimming Plan shakes helps you maintain a feeling of being full. Although it is not billed as a meal supplement, that is how I used both the chocolate and vanilla protein shakes and found them satisfactory.

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