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3 steps that you can start right now!

The desire to end weight is never-ending because simply, it is so easy for us all to gain weight but so difficult for us to lose that weight, it is a constant battle for some people.

For a lot of people its the program or regime that is just too difficult to stick to, it isnt easily adaptable to your lifestyle- so here are some easy tips that are adaptable to your lifestyle and it will put you on the right track to achieving your weight loss goals

First of all; and I cannot stress this enough-eat breakfast!

Even if not hungry, just eat something. This will help you lose weight. Many people believe that skipping meals will help them to lose weight the truth is it will actually do the opposite, you will gain weight!

Eat throughout your diet plan because every time you skip a meal you are actually slowing down your weight loss progression and it will also affect you health.

Research shows that when you are asleep your metabolism slows down; when you wake, it does not get back to functioning at its optimum pace until you have eaten. So all you need to do to speed up your metabolism is eat breakfast-thats it! Easy!

Your body will be needing energy, so you will get sugar cravings meaning you will eat something high in sugar and low in carbohydrates which will only give you a boost for a short time.

Then you will need to eat again and again because your body will be craving more and more sugar hits.

If you dont have time to sit and eat breakfast then grab yoghurt or a piece of fruit before you leave, this will get your metabolism started and give you an energy boost for the day!

Next step is to spread your meals through the day rather than eating large meals at set times of the day. Again its better because it keeps your metabolism going at faster pace and ensures more calories are burnt.

So smaller meals, but snacks in between will work perfectly, for instance three small meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks in between such as fruit or yoghurts will be perfect for you.

All this really needs is a little bit of time planning before going food shopping, and preparing vegetables for in between meal snacks.

Drink water! Water is so good for you, especially when youre dieting. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I know this can be hard for some people because it has no taste but trust me the more you drink the easier it becomes.

Keep bottles of water at your desk where you work, in the car and at home, so that water is close to hand wherever you go, this will make it much easier.

If you still find it a problem try the flavored water but check the ingredients, you dont want additives, this will worsen your weight loss and these drinks are unhealthy to your body.

So there we have it- 3 easy steps that you can begin straightway to achieve you weight loss goals, easy!

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